Tim Perkin

Guest post: Tim Perkin

Tim Perkin recently shared his Special Day story after being diagnosed with cancer when training for 2014 London marathon. Regaining fitness has been a source of hope throughout his treatment and recovery.

Tim’s determination to get fit will see him finally run the marathon on Sunday before taking on Will of Iron just a week later. Here are Tim’s top tips for organising your triathlon team:

“So, if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about taking on Will of Iron? Well, although it’s a huge undertaking, I’m here to tell you it’s actually ‘not that bad.’

Tim in trainingWill of Iron is an excellent opportunity to get your friends together, whether you’re sporty or not, and I’m sure you’ll be surprised how willing people are to join you.

The important thing about Will of Iron is not the training, (although Paul gave some great advice) the first thing is to:

1. Get Organised.

WHO –  is in your Team
WHAT – is each person going to do
HOW –  are you going to undertaking this challenge

Don’t think of Will of Iron as an individual challenge, it’s very much a Team event. Even if you are doing it by yourself (well done by the way!) you’ll need your friends to get you to the end.

2. Who, What, How: the reality

If you and several work colleagues are going to split the challenge by distance, start off by organising a lunch time run. Instead of sitting at your desk, eating your sandwich and reading the news, bring in your gym kit and go for a small run over lunch.

If there are four people in your team and you go for a 3 mile run, that is close to equivalent of a half marathon, leaving only 14 miles left. With just four of you running during two lunch times you can almost meet your quota. Throw in some evening swims and an epic weekend cycle and suddenly proving your Will of Iron two runs with your Team at lunch time and that is quota met.

You don’t need a fancy GPS watch to calculate your distances either, they are “nice to have” but you can calculate your distances using programmes like GMaps Pedometer or Map my Run, or better still, apps for your phone.

You may have heard the question “How do you eat an elephant?”
The answer is, “One piece at a time.”

An epic challenge like this, or recovering from a serious illness, is no different.”

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