If you have any questions, you should find answers below. If you still have any queries, please email Carol and she’ll be able to help.

How much is it to sign up?

It costs just £25 to guarantee your place in Will of Iron. We also ask that you fundraise for Willow as part of your Will of Iron challenge.

Whatever you raise, every penny will help more Special Days a reality.

If you’re taking part in a team, each team member will need to register and pay £25 per person. We’d also encourage each person on the teams to raise as much as they can.

If you’re a gym, personal trainer, or athletics club and are interested in large group discounts please get in touch with Teri on willofiron@willowfoundation.org.uk

What’s included?

Your entry fee includes:

    • Regular event updates from Willow
    • Fundraising ideas and support
    • Training guide, tips and encouragement
    • Will of Iron training vest
    • Extra goodies in your event pack
    • Virtual medals to share online
    • Will of Iron certificate

When is the event?

This year, Will of Iron will take place throughout July but you can choose when to start your challenge. All you need to do is complete the distance within a week.

But don’t worry you can take part at any time that works for you, just enter your start date on your registration form. Just make sure once you start your challenge, you’ve completed it within seven consecutive days.

If you’d like to organise a Will of Iron challenge at your gym or at work please email Carol on willofiron@willowfoundation.org.uk with more details about when you’d like to do it and she will get back to you.

Where is the event?

You can take part in Will of Iron wherever you like during May. If you have a gym membership, you might choose to complete all your activities there. If you don’t have a gym membership you might want to complete all your activities outdoors – at the park, cycling on the way to work, or at your local swimming pool. Or you can choose a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities – it’s up to you.

How much is the minimum sponsorship amount?

By taking part in the event we ask you to raise funds for Willow. We recommend a fundraising target of £250 because we think it’s quite a worthy challenge but it’s up to you.

Remember, every penny you raise will be making more Special Days possible. We couldn’t do this without amazing challengers, like you so don’t be afraid to aim high!

If you’re taking part as a team we recommend setting your own target depending on your team size.

How do I record my challenge?

There are a number of ways you can record your challenge. We have support from Discipline X, a fitness app, which integrates with tracking apps and will allow you to track your activity across the week. This can work via your phone or online. Read more about this partnership here.

We will also have a page on the Will of Iron website where you can submit your final times once you’ve completed your challenge. Don’t worry, we’ll share this with you before your Will of Iron week.

Ultimately, we trust you!

If you have an alternative suggestion or solution, that’s OK. We had challengers last year use mobile phone apps, track activity on gym equipment, update us on Facebook or simply plotted their route the old fashioned way and kept a tally.

Can I do the challenge as an individual?

Yes, you can!

If you do decide to do it on your own, we’ll be there to support you but try and rally some support from friends and family along the way, too. We bow at your athleticism and determination – well done.

Don’t forget you can also do the half Ironman distance: 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle, and a 13.1 mile run.

Can I do the challenge as a team?

Yes, you can!

You can have as many team members as you like. Whether it’s just two of you, or 20, there are no limits. You can divide the challenge between you by distances or by discipline – again, it’s up to you. If you’re a keen runner, find a few friends that like swimming and cycling. If you’re keen on doing all three disciplines, just decide on distances between you. Go team!

We do ask that each team member registers and pays the entry fee of £25 to cover the cost of training vests and organising the event.

I haven’t received any information from Willow or my training vest – what should I do?

If you think you’ve registered and haven’t heard from us, please contact the Will of Iron team on willofiron@willowfoundation.org.uk or call us on 01707 259 777.

If you haven’t received your training vest yet it’s probably on its way. If you’re worried it should have arrived by now, or are about to start your event without it, please call us on 01707 259 777.

I really want to take part but I’m worried it’s too difficult – what should I do?

Will of Iron is an exciting challenge but we know it’s quite tough. Finding some team members should help lighten the load but you can also do half the distance, too: 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle, and a 13.1 mile run.

If you want to design your own Will of Iron challenge, let us know, and we’ll be there to support you.

Once I sign up, how do I start fundraising?

You can start fundraising immediately online via JustGiving by setting up your fundraising page. Don’t forget to set your fundraising target, too!

Make a fundraising page - JustGiving

If you’d prefer, you can also download sponsorship forms to print at home as well.

How can my friends and family donate online?

Once you’ve set up your fundraising page you can share this link with your friends and family immediately – via email, on Facebook and Twitter, or even text message (if they have a smartphone). If you’re having any trouble, don’t forget we’re here to help you.

When will event entries close?

Registration is open year round but please keep in mind that Will of Iron is a physically challenging event and you will need to be fit and healthy to complete it, whether you take part as an individual or part of a team.

How old do I need to be to take part?

To complete the online registration form you need to be aged 18 years or over. If you’re under 18 please contact the team and we can advise on how you can take part.

How fit do I need to be?

There’s no denying it, this is a tough challenge – especially if you’re doing it on your own. If you’re doing it with a team you’ll probably find it easier but, depending on how many team members you have, it’s still going to be physically demanding. If you have a medical condition you’re concerned about, you must consult your GP before taking part.

Don’t forget you can also do half the distance: 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile cycle, and a 13.1 mile run.

How much will I need to train?

Will of Iron can be a tough event, especially if you’re doing it on your own, but it’ll still be challenging as part of a team, too. Training and preparation for the event will be important which is why we will provided training plans to guide you.

I have a disability, can I still take part?

We welcome everyone on Team Willow but if you have any worries or concerns about this, we’d recommend consulting your GP before signing up to take part.

What if one of my team members drops out?

If one of your team members drops out you’ll need to find a replacement for them or try and cover their part of the challenge among any remaining team members.

What happens if I can’t take part anymore?

It’s ok, we understand. Sometimes this happens. All we ask is that you email us on willofiron@willowfoundation.org.uk to let us know.

Remember, as Will of Iron is a virtual challenge you can do it any time so you can also just get in touch to let us know you’re start date has changed. We’ll make sure that we keep you updated on other Willow events throughout the year, too, so you don’t miss out next time.

If you can find someone to take your place instead, you’ll need to let us know. Unfortunately your entry fee is non-refundable but can transfer to the new team-member. However if they wish to pay the entry fee too, we will be very grateful for the donation!

What happens if I can’t raise the minimum sponsorship?

We’ve recommended a fundraising target of £250 as we think this is achievable for such an impressive challenge. However, all we ask is that you try to fundraise as much as possible.

If you’re worried about fundraising please call us on 01707 259 777 and one of the team will be available to discuss this with you.

Can I fundraise for another charity?

No, sorry! This is a Willow event and we hope you’ll be proud to fundraise for us. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to make this the best event possible so it’s important to us that all the money you raise comes directly to Willow.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you need to talk to one of the team please email us on willofiron@willowfoundation.org.uk or call us on 01707 259 777 and ask to speak to Teri on the fundraising team.