Team Will(ow) of Iron

In my last post I mentioned I’d signed up to take part in Will of Iron almost immediately. Since then I have lived and breathed triathlon and have been getting more and more enthusiastic by the day. Some might even say obnoxious. Fortunately I’m not the only one and Willow has five triathlon teams taking part and two people brave enough to take on the whole distance by themselves.

Introducing Team Will(ow) of Iron… 


Hannah joined Willow last month but she signed up to take part before she arrived! Hannah’s going to be running for Team Boom Boom and has successfully managed to find friends outside of Willow to join her team… I’m not sure what this says about the rest of us?!

Mark Rappitt

Mark is doing the whole Ironman distance by himself yet before signing up for Will of Iron he’d only ever managed to run 10k before and has never taken on a triathlon before… whether it’s brilliance, madness or sheer determination he is an inspiration to us all. Louise in the finance team is also doing it by herself but successfully avoided my camera.

_0004_Sarah Jane

When I first met Sarah Jane she declared she definitely wouldn’t be signing up and yet here she is excellently representing Team Blink and You’ll Miss Us.  Sarah Jane will be joined by two excellent teammates, Jenny (team runner) and Gabby (team swimmer).


I’m not entirely sure what Steve is doing here but he assures me he will be cycling for his team. Steve might have been a bit reluctant to sign up but with a little (a lot) of persuasion he decided to join Moira’s team. Moira also managed to get her sister and husband to take part, too, to tackle the swimming and the running. Together they are the Iron Lions and should probably win a prize for the best team name!


Carol will be cycling for Team Doubtfire and will be joined by me (team runner) and Simon (team swimmer). Carol has also offered to do the swimming for other teams hence fish on a bike! I’d just like to say that, as the one with the surname Doubtfire, I didn’t suggest the team name. This is probably my punishment for taking all these photos…

_0007_Liz and Claire

Liz and Claire are a team of two and doing the Special Day Makers at Willow proud. Claire has been training hard since signing up and Liz hasn’t done a thing… good luck girls!

If you’re interested in signing up as a team, you still have plenty of time to register. Team members can each pick a discipline (cycling, swimming or running) or choose all three and divide the distance between them over seven days. Anyone taking part can do as much or as little as they like and still call themselves a triathlete! Join us and sign up for Will of Iron today.

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