Tracking your Will of Iron challenge

You can track your Will of Iron challenge in a number of ways. It’s a virtual event so we expect you to take responsibility for this yourself, which means you can choose a solution that works for you. Whether it’s using fitness apps, GPS watch, counting lengths or plotting your route on a map the old fashioned way – it’s up to you.

Remember, we trust you!

Once you’ve completed your challenge we ask you to submit your final times on our website. This is so we can give you a virtual high five and make sure you get your finishers certificate.

We have also been lucky enough to partner with DisciplineXgames. This technology allows you to use existing fitness apps to track your Will of Iron challenge.

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What is DisciplineXgames?

DisciplineXgames is a lifestyle app which inspires long term change through adherence competition. It encourages you to change your habits, have fun and make it social with friends and colleagues. It also happens to be a great fit for our Will of Iron challenge.

How do I use DisciplineXgames to track my Will of Iron challenge?

Our partnership with DisciplineXgames allows Will of Iron challengers to use this technology to track their activity for Will of Iron – as well as get a bit competitive!

DisciplineXgames usually ask you to take a bet with your team mates to inspire competition to reach the same goal. Our Will of Iron game is categorised as ‘just for fun’ as you’ll already be fundraising for Willow as part of the challenge.

How is the Will of Iron challenge set up on DisciplineXgames?

Will of Iron is set up as three competitions (or games) and will run indefinitely as people take part in the event all year round, although you can begin to track your activity from your challenge start date. After that you have seven consecutive days to complete your challenge.

You can also create your own Will of Iron game on DisciplineXgames to track your activity as well as inviting your team mates.

DisciplineXgames competitions are typically run indefinitely to instil a new lifestyle habit through competition. Will of Iron will hopefully instil a new exercise habit and passion for triathlon in your life!

Who can sign up?

Anyone can organize a competition on DisciplineXgames and invite friends and family members to participate. You may choose to set up your own games to make sure the distances are tailored to your challenge.

We’ve also set up a Will of Iron competitions (running, cycling and swimming) which you can join once your triathlon challenge begins.

How do I invite people to join Will of Iron?

You can also invite your team mates to join your DisciplineXgames challenge from your dashboard. Invitations are sent to potential participants via email.

What Device and Apps do you support?

DisciplineXgames supports an ever growing array of apps and device, which is changing daily. The best place to see the full list of tested Service Partners is on the home page or to set up your own account.

How do I sync my device or app to the DisciplineXgames platform?

You’ll be prompted through a series of steps when you accept a competition invite. You can also do this through your Dashboard > Profile > My Apps & Devices

What should I do if my gadget is not syncing?

First open your gadget or apps account to make sure you are seeing the latest information there and you have synced recently. Allow for 15 mins to lapse to allow for the DisciplineXgames server to collect the latest data form your gadget or app providers server.

If you still don’t see the data in DisciplineXgames go to your Profile > Connect Device and disconnect your gadget and then reconnect/authenticate the gadget. If you are still having problems let us know at and we can assist you.

Why am I getting emails from DisciplineXgames?

By signing up to the platform you will receive emails with updates about your activity and progress reports. You can stop these at any time but once you’ve completed Will of Iron you’ll stop getting competition reports.

What if I want to permanently delete my DisciplineXgames account?

Please email us at and we will handle the request. It would be great if you could let us know why you want to leave so we can learn how to make it better.

What is an Adherence competition?

Adherence competitions focus primarily on how long you can maintain your goals. Players compete to see who can to stay the course with their chosen behaviour for longer than others in their game. Will of Iron is a great example of this – whether you’re taking part on your own or as part of a team.